Subsidy (Non-repayable grants from the Eko Sklad)

Updated: 06.03.2017

Author: Ivana Naydenova

The Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eko sklad) awards non-repayable grants to renewable energy projects (§ 7 Statute of the Eco Fund) through tendering (chapter II § 2 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund). At the moment (January 2017), there are three public calls open for grants in the field of RES-T. The current calls for applications support new investments in environment-friendly vehicles for road transport (45SUB-EVOB16; 38SUB-EVPO16) and electric vehicle charging stations located in protected natural areas and Natura 2000 areas (44SUB-EVPOL16). It applies to residents (Call No. 45SUB-EVOB16), municipalities (Call No. 44SUB-EVPOL16) and legal persons (Call No. 38SUB-EVPO16). 

Eligible technologies

Subject of the calls are non-repayable grants allocated for new investments in more environmentally friendly vehicles registered for the first time in Slovenia. The grants may only be offered for the purchase of new vehicles of category M1, N1, or L6e L7e electric propulsion without CO2 emissions discharged. Moreover, investments in electric vehicle charging stations located in protected natural areas and Natura 2000 areas may also receive support


Not Eligible.






The amount of support shall be determined in line with the provisions of § 11 of the Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund, taking following factors into consideration:

  • the amount of eligible costs,
  • the type of investment,
  • the evaluation of environmental criteria,
  • the credit rating of the eligible party and the debt insurance,
  • the total budget available for a specific call, as defined in the public call document, and the relevant state aid and "de minimis" limits.
Regarding the maximum grant amounts: The calls currently open provide respectively a total of € 700.000 for residents (Call No. 45SUB-EVOB16), € 2 million for legal persons (Call No. 44SUB-EVPOL16) and 500.000 for municipalities (Call No. 38SUB-EVPO16).


Call No. 45SUB-EVOB16 is mainly open for residents / natural persons. Call No. 44SUB-EVPOL16 is aimed at legal persons and Call No. 38SUB-EVPO16 targets local communities of the Republic of Slovenia.


Process flow

The main condition for the allocation of support is the submission of a timely and complete application.

The granting procedure is established by the General Administrative Procedure Act (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 24/06 - official consolidated text, 105/06-LAD-1, 126/07, 65 / 08, 8/10 and 82/13), if the EPA-1 provides otherwise.

Application. Applicants shall submit their applications to the Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eko sklad) (chapter IV § 7 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund). The application form is included in the call for applications document.

Grant award. The decision on the award of a grant is based on the general provisions of administrative law and the procedure set out in the Rules on the Allocation of the Budget (§ 220 ff. RS 50/2007) According to the terms of the current calls, the Fund decides on whether or not a grant will be granted and informs the applicant of this decision within a period of 90 days.

Competent authority

Environmental Fund (Eko sklad)

Distribution of costs


The grants are funded by the national budget and voluntary donations by national and international natural persons and legal entities (Chapter IV § 14 Statute of the Eco Fund).


Further information