Loan (Soft Loan of the Eco Fund)

Updated: 14.02.2019

Author: Saša Rajković

The Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eko Sklad) awards low-interest loans to renewable energy projects (§ 7 Statute of the Eco Fund) through tendering (chapter II § 2 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund).

Currently 3 public calls are open. The Call No. 59OB17supports investments in RES heating facilities of citizens, the Call No. 56PO16 targets corporations and Call no. 60LS17 targets investments of local communities/municipalities.

Eligible technologies

In general, the public calls are open for all technologies with the exception of biogas. 

Aerothermal energy


Hydrothermal energy




Geothermal energy


Solar thermal energy




  • The amount of credit depends on the amount of eligible costs, the type of investment, the evaluation of the environmental criteria, the credit rating of the eligible party and the debt insurance, the total funds available and the applicable state aid and "de minimis" limits (§ 11 of the Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund).
  • The calls currently open provide respectively a total of € 6 million for residents (Call No. 59OB17), € 5 million for corporations (Call No. 56PO16) and € 5 million for local communities (Call No. 60LS17).
  • The amount of credit shall not exceed 10% of the Fund’s budget for loans. The total liabilities of a borrower must not exceed 20% of the Fund´s loan budget. (Chapter IV § 10 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund)
PERIOD The maximum credit period is 10 years for private individuals – residents (item 3 par. D) b) Call No. 59OB17) and 15 years for environmental investments (Call No. 56PO16 and Call No. 60LS17). INTEREST RATE The minimum interest rate for residents and corporations is the three-month EURIBOR rate plus 1.3 percentage points (item 3 par. D a) Call No. 59OB17, item 4 § a) Call No. 56PO16). For local communities, the minimum interest rate corresponds to the three-month EURIBOR rate plus 1.0 percentage points (item 4 a) Call No. 60LS17).


Entitled party: All natural persons whose place of residence is in Slovenia and legal persons are eligible (chapter III § 4 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund).

Obligated party: The obligated party is the Environmental Fund (Eko Sklad).


Process flow

Application. Applicants shall submit their applications to the Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (Eko sklad) (chapter IV § 7 Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund). The application form is included in the call for applications document.

Loan award. The decision on the award of a loan is based on the general provisions of administrative law and the procedure set out in the Rules on the Allocation of the Budget (§ 220 ff. RS 50/2007). According to the terms of the current calls, the Fund decides on whether or not a loan will be granted and informs the applicant of this decision within a period of 90 days.

Loan contract for private individuals.Private individuals must enter into a loan contract with the lending institution within 10 days or the latest within 60 days after the decision has been made final from the day on which the loan is granted.The total amount of credit is paid either as a lump sum or in two instalments by the lending bank. The first instalment is 40% of the total loan amount and is paid within 5 days from the day on which the loan contract is signed. The remaining 60% are paid within 5 work days from the day on which the applicant submits evidence that the investment has been made.

Loan contract for corporations.The deadline for the conclusion of the credit agreement is 6 months from the date of publication of the decision on the allocation of credit. Specifics to individual credit agreements for corporations (credit insurance etc.) are governed bilaterally. 

Competent authority

Eko Sklad (Slovenian Eco Fund)

Distribution of costs


The Fund's budget is financed from the national budget (Chapter IV § 14 Statute of the Eco Fund).


Further information