Slovenia: Overall Summary

In Slovenia, electricity from renewable sources is mostly promoted through a feed-in tariff and a premium tariff and through a series of subsidies and loan possibilities. Renewable energy sources for heating purposes are promoted mainly through loans and subsidies. The main incentive for renewable energy use in transport is a quota system and certain tax exempts.

Access of electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid shall be granted with priority for RES-E installations. With regard to the use of the grid, renewable energy shall be given priority. The grid development is a matter of the grid operator and cannot be enforced directly.

There is number of policies aiming at promoting the development, installation and use of RES installations.


Further information

  • Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo in okolje – inspektorat za okolje in prostor(IOP) Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment – Inspectorate for the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • +386 1 420 44 88
  • website
  • gp.irsop(at)
  • Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo (MZIP) – Ministry for Infrastructure; Direktorat za energijo – Directorate for Energy
  • +386 140 033 41
  • website
  • gp.mzip(at)
  • Ministrstvo za finance – Finančna Uprava Republike Slovenije – Uprava za davke - Sektor za DDV Ministry of Finance – Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia – Office for Taxes - Excise Duty Sector
  • +386 1 478 3800
  • Ministry of Finance website
  • gfu.fu(at)