Slovakia: Summary

Updated: 19.10.2017

Author: Boris Valach

Support schemes

In the Slovak Republic, electricity from renewable energy sources is promoted through a feed-in tariff. Regional distribution system operators are obliged to purchase electricity (to cover losses in the distribution system for the price of electricity for losses (market price)) and to pay for electricity exported to the grid (a surcharge equals to the difference between the fixed state-purchasing price and the price of electricity for losses). The use of renewable energy sources is further incentivised through an exemption from excise tax. 

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Grid issues

In Slovakia, access of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) to the grid is mainly regulated by the Act on the Support of Renewable Energy Sources No. 309/2009 Coll. Renewable energy plants must be given priority connection, and electricity from renewable sources must be given priority dispatch. The grid operator is obliged to extend the grid without discriminating against certain users.

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The following policies aim at promoting the development, installation and usage of RES-installations in Slovakia: There is a professional training programme for RES-installers and there are legally defined technical parameters for solar thermal installations and heat pumps. Furthermore, there is a building obligation for the use of renewable heating and for the exemplary role of public authorities which came into effect in January 2013. 

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Further information

  • Ministerstvo hospodárstva Slovenskej republiky (MH SR) – Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
  • Maroš Stano
  • +421 248 541 111
  • MHSR website
  • info(at)
  • Ministerstvo životného prostredia Slovenskej republiky (MŽP SR) – Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
  • Stanislav Jurikovič
  • +421 259 561 111
  • MŽP website
  • info(at)
  • Slovenská organizácia pre obnoviteľné zdroje energie, n.o. – Slovak Renewable EnergyE Agency (SK REA), NPO
  • +42 1 905 744 034
  • SKREA website
  • info(at)