Biofuel quota

Updated: 19.10.2017

Author: Boris Valach

There is a target for biofuels, determined as the biofuel energy content share calculated from the energy content of the total quantity of petrol and diesel fuel placed in the market. There are also targets for the minimum content of biofuels in each litre of a particular type of fuel (diesel and petrol). The minimum content of biofuels for the years 2017 to 2030 is established in Annex No. 1 to RES Act. The Act No. 181/2017 Coll. amended the RES Act in July 2017, and introduced the so-called advanced biofuels to the Slovak legislature as a transposition of the European Directive relating to the Quality of Petrol and Diesel Fuels.

Eligible technologies

Subject to the obligation are only biofuels.


In § 2 par. 4 Letter a-m RES Act, ”biofuel” is defined as

  • biogenic liquid or gaseous biogenic fuel particularly
    • bioethanol produced from biomass,
    • biodiesel produced from vegetable oil or animal fat with the quality of diesel fuel,
    • biogas produced from biomass,
    • biomethanol produced from biomass,
    • biomethane produced from biomass,
    • biodimethylether produced from biomass,
    • bio-ETBE (ethyl-tert-butyl-ether): 47 % ETBE produced from bioethanol,
    • bio-MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl-ether): 36 % MTBE produced from biomethanol,
    • synthetic fuel produced through syntheses or mixtures of hydrocarbons produced from biomass,
    • biohydrogen produced from biomass,
    • pure vegetable oil, crude or refined but chemically unmodified,
    • other substance produced from biomass when used for transportation purposes
    • other substance produced from biomass when used for transportation purposes.,
    • liquid or gaseous motor fuel from renewable energy source of non-biological origin, which is liquid or gaseous fuel used in transport and whose energy content is derived from other renewable energy sources than biomass.

“Advanced biofuels” are biofuels produced from the raw materials and fuels defined in the Annex No. 1a RES Act (§ 14f RES Act). Please see the Annex No. 1a RES Act for the exhaustive list of raw materials or fuels utilised for the production of advanced biofuels (No. 1-20).


Amount of quota and period of application

The obligation to market fuel with biofuel content with a reference value calculated from the total energy content of the quantity of fuel marketed in the Slovak Republic is determined as follows for the years 2017 to 2030 (§ 14a par. 1 Letters a-f RES Act):














The minimum volume for biodiesel in diesel fuel in the years 2017 to 2030 is set to 6.9% (Table No. 1 Annex No. 1 RES Act).

The minimum volume of biofuel in petrol in the years 2017 to 2030 is set as follows (Table No. 2 Annex No. 1 RES Act):





Bioethanol component





Minimum share of





of which: volume
of the bioethanol
component (0.47x
volume of bio-ethyltertiary-








Adjustment of quotas

Non-fulfilment of obligations under the RES Act is subject to a fine imposed by the customs office.

Fees and penalty charges

Non-fulfilment of obligations under the RES Actis subject to a fine imposed by the customs office.


Obligated party: A legal or natural person who (§ 14a par. 2 Letters a-d RES Act):

  • releases excise fuel for consumption in Slovakia in accordance with Act No. 98/2004,
  • transports fuel to Slovakia, outside the suspension of duty, for business purposes,
  • transports fuel to Slovakia from third countries,
  • markets fuel in a manner other than that described under a) to c).


Process flow

The legal or natural person introducing biofuel blends on the market must have a certificate of origin providing evidence that the proportion or amount of biofuel has been produced in accordance with the sustainability criteria defined by Act No. 98/2004.

The obligated legal or natural person is required to submit a report on the compliance with the market fuel obligation to the Slovak customs office no later than on the 25th day after the end of the calendar quarter (§ 14a par. 4 RES Act).

The legal or natural person that produces 100% biofuel, and natural or legal person transporting biofuel propellants to the territory of the Slovak Republic other than business tax suspensions, and legal person that import these fuels to the Slovak Republic from other Member States or third countries is obliged to notify the Ministry of Economy annually by 25 January of the respective year the following details (§ 14a par. 14 and par. 15 RES Act):

  •   information on the biofuel production method,
  •  volumes of biofuels produced in the territory of the Slovak Republic in the previous calendar year,
  •   volumes of biofuels placed on the market in the previous calendar year,
  •   greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the life cycle per unit of energy, including the provisional mean values of estimated emissions from biofuels resulting from indirect land use change.

Competent authority

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Distribution of costs


The costs are borne by the consumers.

Distribution mechanism

The obliged companies pass on the costs arising from the quota obligation to the consumers by adding a surcharge to their fuel.


Further information

  • Ministerstvo životného prostredia Slovenskej republiky (MŽP SR) – Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
  • Stanislav Jurikovič
  • +421 259 561 111
  • MŽP website
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