Grid issues in Serbia


Updated: 24.01.2019

Author: Stefan Ćetković

Provisions in detail

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

All operators of plants from renewable energy sources are entitled to connection, if they meet all the requirements set out in the general grid issue related provisions. The system user mainly needs to obtain the approval of the TSO/DSO and thereupon to conclude a contract for connection.

Statutory provisions

  • Energy Law (Zakon o Energetici)
  • Decree on Delivery and Supply (Uredba o uslovima isporuke i snabdevanja električnom energijom)
  • Grid Access Cost Methodology (Metodologija za određivanje troškova priključenja na sistem za prenos i distribuciju  električne energije)
  • Connection Cost Rulebook (Pravilnik o određivanju troškova priključenja na sistem za prenos električne energije)
  • Transmission Grid Code (Pravila o radu prenosnog sistema)
  • 5 Distribution Grid Codes (Pravila o radu distributivnog sistema)


          Further information

          • Elektroprivreda Srbije – Electric Power Industry of Serbia
          • + 381 11/20 24 828
          • Website
          • EPS Distribucija - Distribution System Operator of Serbia
          • +381 11/3616 706
          • DSO website