Serbia: Summary

Updated: 24.01.2019

Author: Stefan Ćetković

Support schemes

The Republic of Serbia promotes the power production from renewable energy sources mainly through a feed-in tariff.

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Grid issues

In Serbia, the connection of power plants from renewable energy sources to the grid is regulated by the general legislation on energy. The grid operators generally provide non-discriminatory access to the grid and renewable energy producers are given priority to connect to the grid, if the technical conditions permit (Art. 109 § 1 Nr. 30 and 136 § 1 Nr. 37 Energy Law).

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Further information

  • Elektroprivreda Srbije – Electric Power Industry of Serbia
  • + 381 11/20 24 828
  • Website
  • EPS Distribucija - Distribution System Operator of Serbia
  • +381 11/3616 706
  • DSO website