Promotion in Portugal


Updated: 18.12.2017

Author: Moïra Jimeno

Summary of support schemes

  • Tax regulation mechanism: Small producers of biofuels benefit from a total exemption of the Petrol Product Tax (ISP).
  • Biofuel quota: Companies supplying fuels for consumption shall incorporate a certain percentage of biofuels in the fuels they supply to the market from 2011 to 2020.


The tax regulation mechanism and the quota mechanism apply to biofuels only.

Statutory provisions

  • DL 117/2010 (Decreto-lei 117/2010 de 25 de Outubro) on the sustainability criteria for biofuels and the incentives for using biofuels in the transport sector and its amending act DL 6/2012 (Decreto-lei 6/2012 de 17 de Janeiro).
  • Ordinance 41/2011 (Portaria 41/2011 de 19 de Janeiro) on the maximum selling price of biodiesel.
  • Ordinance 301/2011 (Portaria 301/2011 de 2 de Dezembro) on the compensation to be paid for each TdB (Título de Biocombustível) missing.
  • Ordinance 8/2012 (Portaria 8/2012 de 4 de Janeiro) on the functions of the Sustainability Criteria Compliance Coordination Entity (ECS) within the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG).
  • Ordinance 320-E/2011 (Portaria 320-E/2011 de 30 de Dezembro) on the procedures for the recognition of the Dedicated Small Producer of biofuel (PPD) and the application of tax exemption (ISP).
  • DL 69/2016 (Decreto-Lei n.º 69/2016 de 3 de Novembro) on the new procedures for the submission of the TdB (Título de Biocombustível) and the role of the National Entity for the Fuels Market (ENMC).


Further information

  • Ministério da Economia, da Inovação e do Desenvolvimento. Direcção Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG) – Directorate General for Energy and Geology at the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development
  • +351 217 922 782
  • DGEG website
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