Support scheme for prosumers

Updated: 09.01.2019

Author: Support scheme for prosumers

The state supports prosumers (individual consumers of energy who produce energy in small installations) in production for own purposes (and not for profits). There is no fixed tariff but the prosumers are allowed to exchange the surplus of energy produced by favourable conditions for gaps in energy production in the future in relation 1 to 0.8 in the case of micro-installations with capacity up to 10 kW and 1 to 0.7 in the case of micro-installations with capacity above 10 kW (but below 50 kW).

Eligible technologies

Micro-installations other than using agricultural biogas or bioliquids (RES-Act, Art. 4).

Wind energy


Solar energy



Eligible except for agricultural biogas.




Individual persons, public institutions, enterprises.


Process flow

The prosumer signs a complex agreement with the energy seller. The seller calculates the difference between the produced and consumed energy.

Competent authority

Energy Regulatory Office (URE)

Distribution of costs


The costs of the subsidy scheme are borne by the final consumers of electricity.

Distribution mechanism

The costs are transferred to the consumers through the price of electricity.


Further information

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