Moldova: Summary

Updated: 19.12.2017

Author: Silvia Nicola

Support schemes

In Moldova, the general support scheme is a feed-in tariff scheme. The tariffs are calculated individually for every power plant according to methodology determined by the Moldavian National Energy Regulatory Authority. 

Starting with March/April 2018 a new RES-promotion law will come into force, completing the feed-in tariff scheme by a tendering procedure as also a net metering scheme. 

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Grid issues

The plant operator is legally granted non-discriminatory access to the transmission and distribution grid as long as the national energy system is not at risk. 

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Further information

  • ANRE – Agentia Nationala pentru Reglementare in Energetica a Republicii Moldova – Moldavian National Energy Regulatory Authority
  • +373 22 85 29 01
  • ANRE website
  • anre(at)