Promotion in Malta


Updated: 05.02.2019

Author: Jörn Banasiak

Summary of support schemes

  • Feed-in tariff. Electricity generated by solar installations is supported through a feed-in tariff. 
  • Tenders. Electricity generated by new solar PV and wind energy installations with a minimum capacity of 1,000 kWp is promoted through tenders. 


Only Solar energy and wind power are eligible.

Statutory provisions

  • SL 545.27 (Subsidiary Legislation 423.46. Feed-In Tariff Regulations) 
  • LN 2/2019 (Feed-in Tariffs Scheme (Electricity Generated from Solar Photovoltaic Installations) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019) 
  • LN 76/2017 (Competitive Bidding Rules for Renewable Sources of Energy Installations Regulations, 2017) 
  • ITB 2018 (Invitation to bid (ITB) for financial support for electricity from solar photovoltaic installations with a capacity of 1000 kWp or more)


Further information

  • The Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta
  • Prof. Robert Ghirlando
  • +356 2340 2361
  • UM website
  • Regulator for Energy & Water Services
  • +356 2295 5000
  • REWS website