Training programmes for installers

Updated: 05.02.2019

Author: Jörn Banasiak

To promote the use of energy from renewable sources pursuant to the Promotion of Energy from Renewable Sources regulations and to encourage the efficient use of energy pursuant to the Energy Efficiency and Cogeneration regulations, the Minister for Energy and Health has issued a scheme for the registration of training courses leading to the certification of Renewable Energy Systems (RES) installers, providers of energy services, energy auditors and energy managers (GN 1302/2014).

In order to provide training for RES installers, an application should be submitted to the Authority. According to the scheme criteria, the training courses shall include a theoretical and a practical assessment leading to a certificate issued by the training provider. This assessment shall prove that the training participant has the skills required to install the relevant equipment and systems that meet the performance and reliability needs of the customer, incorporate quality craftsmanship, and comply with all applicable codes and standards, including energy and eco-labelling (§ 5 GN 1302/2014).

A training course may be registered with the Authority upon satisfying the following criteria (§ 9 GN 1302/2014): 

  • The training provider is established or re-established under the Education Act or is licensed as a provider in accordance with the Further and Higher Education (Licensing, Accreditation and Quality Assurance) Regulations, 2012; 
  • The training provider gas adequate technical facilities to provide practical training, including laboratory equipment or corresponding facilities to provide practical training; 
  • The training provider offers, in addition to the basic training, shorter refresher courses on topical issues, including on new technologies, to enable life-long learning in installations.


Training providers: Natural or legal persons who provide training in regard to renewable energy systems (§ 1 GN 1302/2014).

The provided courses shall be limited to trainees with work experience, who have undergone, or are undergoing the following types of training (§ 11 GN 1302/2014): 

  • In the case of biomass boiler and stove installers, training as a plumber, pipe fitter, heating engineer or technician of sanitary and heating or cooling equipment. 
  • In the case of heat pump installers, training as a plumber or refrigeration engineer and have basic electrical and plumbing skills (cutting pipe, soldering pipe joints, gluing pipe joints, lagging, sealing fittings, testing for leaks and installation of heating or cooling systems). 
  • In the case of a solar photovoltaic installer, training as an electrician and have electrical and roofing skills, including knowledge of sealing fittings, ability to connect wiring, familiar with basic roof materials, flashing and sealing methods as a prerequisite. 
  • In the case of a solar thermal installer, training as a plumber and have plumbing and roofing skills including knowledge of soldering pipe joints, gluing pipe joints, testing for plumbing leaks, sealing fittings, ability to connect wiring, familiar with basic roof materials, flashing and sealing methods as a prerequisite.

The following training courses may be registered under this scheme (§ 10 GN 1302/2014): 

  • Installers of solar photovoltaic installations 
  • Installers of solar thermal installations 
  • Installers of shallow geothermal installations and heat pumps 
  • Energy auditors 
  • Energy managers 
  • Providers of energy services

Competent authority

Ministry for Energy and Health

Further information

A list of registered training courses leading to the Certification of Renewable Energy System installers, Energy Managers and Energy Auditors (non-buildings) can be found here:

Distribution of costs

Private Financing

The courses are partly financed by the installers themselves:

  • Technical Guidance on Photovoltaic Systems Installations – Single Phase: €400
  • Technical Guidance on Photovoltaic Systems Installations – Single & Three Phase: €475
  • Technical Guidance on Solar Heating Systems Installations: €400

Additionally, there is a list of companies sponsoring the courses.


Further information

  • The Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta
  • Prof. Robert Ghirlando
  • +356 2340 2361
  • UM website