Subsidy IV (Fonds pour la protection de l´environnement)

Updated: 19.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

The Law of 31 May 1999 has introduced the creation of a fund bound to support Luxembourg municipalities in their investments for environmental protection. The fund is managed by a committee composed of delegates of the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Budget and the Ministry of the Interior (Art.6, Loi du 31 mai 1999).

Eligible technologies

Only solar energy is eligible (Circulaire n°3178).

Solar energy

Photovoltaic installations with a capacity lower than 30kW are eligible (Circulaire n°3178).


The fund supports up to 50% of the whole investments costs, including equipment and installation costs (Circulaire n°3178).


The fund is addressed to municipal administrations, confederation of municipalities and public institutions under the supervision of municipalities (Circulaire n° 3178).


Process flow

The application shall be sent prior to the beginning of the project. The investment grant is submitted to the acceptation of the Ministry of Environment (Art.5, Loi du 31 mai 1999).

Competent authority

The competent authority is the Ministry of Environment (Art. 1, Loi du 31 mai 1999).

Distribution of costs


The subsidy scheme is funded by the state. The subsidies are funded partly by the available budget of the Ministry of Environment and partly from loans took out by the State (Art. 3, Loi du 31 mai 1999).


Further information

Basic information on legal sources