RD&D Policies

Updated: 19.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

There are no policies in Luxembourg especially devoted specifically to the promotion of research and development in the field of renewable energies. However, the Law of 5 June 2009 provides for a general support scheme for companies willing to undertake research and development activities. All costs directly implied by the research and development project are eligible, including the equipment costs (Art.5, Loi du 5 juin 2009). The financial support amounts to 25% to 100% of the eligible costs, according to the type of R&D (experimental development, industrial research or pure research) and the size of the company (Art. 3, Loi du 5 juin 2009).

Companies working in the field of renewable energies are also eligible to this support scheme.


All private companies and private research organisations are eligible to the R&D support scheme, provided they are based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Art.1, Loi du 5 juin 2009).

Competent authority

The competent authorities are the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Finance.

Further information

Further information on the R&D support scheme can be found on the research and innovation portal under:



Further information

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