Luxembourg: Overall summary

In Luxembourg, electricity from renewable sources is mainly promoted through a feed-in tariff as well as through subsidies. Private individuals operating small solar installations are entitled to tax benefits. The production of heat from renewable energy sources is promoted through four different subsidy schemes. Finally, the only support scheme for renewable energy sources used in transport is a quota system.

In Luxembourg, access of electricity generated from renewable energy sources to the grid is subject to the general provisions of energy law. Renewable-energy-sourced electricity is not given priority; Access to the grid shall be granted according to the principle of non-discrimination. However, electricity generated from renewable energy sources is granted various privileges like cost reductions or its preferential use in case of power loss.

Several policies aim at promoting the development, installation and usage of RES-installations, such as a training programme for RES-installers; a general research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programme and support schemes for RES-H infrastructures.


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