Italy: Overall summary

In Italy, support schemes for RES-E are managed by Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE – Manager of Electricity Services). Electricity from renewable sources is mostly promoted through a combination of premium tariffs, feed-in tariffs and tender schemes. Tax regulation mechanisms are in place for investment in RES-E plants. Furthermore, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE – Manager of Electricity Services) shall manage the sale of renewable energy on request, and interested parties can make use of net-metering.

Grid operators are obliged to give priority access to renewable energy plants. They are also obliged to give priority dispatch to electricity from renewable sources. Plant operators can request the grid operator to expand the grid if the connection of a plant requires this expansion.

A tax regulation system is currently in place for the promotion of RES-H, in addition, loans are also provided for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, for new installations. District heating and cooling networks are managed at local level. A price based mechanism has also been made available for the support of RES-H installations. 

Biofuels can benefit from a quota system, which is the main tool through which the 10% goal of biofuels in consumption is to be reached by 2020.

Training programmes are being developed at regional level, where they should be in place by to be implemented until 31 December 2012. Certification of installed plants is obligatory. All new or refurbished buildings must integrate RES, with an additional 10 % to the obligation level for public buildings. A guarantee fund is in place for supporting district heating network development. In addition, loans can also be used for supporting investment in district heating infrastructure.  


Further information

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  • Federazione Italiani Produttori di Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili (Fiper) – Italian Producer of Renewable Energy Federation
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