Decree No. 2018-222

Updated: 07.02.2019

Name (orig)

Décret n° 2018-222 (Décret n° 2018-222 du 30 mars 2018 pour l'application de l'article 15 (I, 2°, a) de la loi n° 2017-1839 du 30 décembre 2017; concernant les indemnisation en case de délai de raccordement au pour les énergies renouvelables implantées en mer)

Name (English)

Decree No. 2018-222 for the application of Article 15 (I, 2 °, a) of Law No. 2017-1839; on compensation in case of connection delays for offshore renewable energies

Entry into force



Decree fixing the scale of compensation in case of exceeding the deadline for connection to the public electricity transmission network of a power generation installation based on renewable energy sources installed at sea, the cost of which is borne by the system operator and in the event of damage or malfunction affecting the land or maritime part of the connecting works of the offshore production installations.

Relevance for renewable energy

Connection delays and compensation for the off-shore electricity production


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