Grid issues in Finland


Updated: 07.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

Plant operators are contractually entitled against the grid operator to connection to the grid. The grid operator is obliged to enter into an agreement with a plant operator following the non-discriminatory principle in regards to other plant operators. Detailed provisions regarding the connection of a particular plant are specified in a connection agreement.

Use of the grid

A plant operator is contractually entitled to connection to the use of the grid against the grid operator. The grid operator is obliged to grant access to the grid according to non-discriminatory criteria until the grid is used to full capacity.

Grid development

The grid operator shall expand his grid according to the reasonable needs of his customers without discriminating against certain plant operators. The operators of plants whose capacity exceeds 2 MW have to bear part of the costs of the connection works.

Statutory provisions

  • Act No. 588/2013 (Sähkömarkkinalaki 9.8.2013/588 – Electricity Market Act)


Further information

  • Fingrid – transmission system operator
  • +358 303 955 000
  • Fingrid website