Estonia: Summary

Updated: 25.01.2017

Author: Gert Siniloo

Support schemes

In Estonia, there wasn't until quite recently any generally applicable support scheme to promote the use of renewable energy sources in the transport sector. However, in December 2016 the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications proposed amendments to the Liquid Fuel Act, which foresees the introduction of a blending mandate. According to the proposed amendments, the share of biocomponents in petrol and diesel fuel must be at least 3,3% by May 2017 and gradually rise to at least 10% by 2020. The amendments are currently being reviewed by Parliament. In addition, a support scheme has been put in place to promote the purchasing of electric cars that use power produced from renewable energy sources. At the end of 2015, a support scheme for the promotion of biomethane use in the transport sector was finally introduced. However, it is yet too early to assess the effects of this scheme. 

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