Min. Decree 218/2013

Updated: 04.01.2019

Name (orig)

Κ.Π.Δ. 218/2013

Name (English)

Min. Decree of 2013 on the Definition of Energy Poverty and of vulnerable consumers Categories as well as Measures to tackle energy poverty and to protect vulnerable consumers

Full name

Περί Καθορισμού της Ενεργειακής Φτώχειας και των Κατηγοριών Ευάλωτων Καταναλωτών και των Μέτρων Αντιμετώπισης της Ενεργειακής Φτώχειας και Προστασίας των Ευάλωτων Καταναλωτών Διάταγμα του 2013

Entry into force



The Ministerial Decree defines the term „energy poverty” as well as the criteria based on which a individual can be categorized as a “vulnerable”

Relevance for renewable energy

The criteria aid to define the eligibility of individuals in SSEEA I 2013


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