Promotion in Bulgaria


Updated: 30.01.2017

Author: Ivana Naydenova

Summary of support schemes

  • Biofuels quota: Persons introducing liquid fuels of crude oil origin for transportation shall be obliged to offer market fuels for diesel and petrol engines blended with biofuels.
  • Tax regulation mechanism: A reduced rate of excise duty is applied to unleaded petrol or gas oil if a share of more than 4 % of bioethanol or biodiesel has been added


The tax regulation mechanism and the biofuels quota apply to biofuels only.

Statutory provisions

  • ERSA (Закон за енергията от възобновяеми източници – Energy from Renewable Sources Act)
  • ZADS (Закон за акцизите и данъчните складове - Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act)


Further information

  • Държавната агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор (ДАМТН) – State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS)
  • +359 2 980 89 20
  • SAMTS website
  • damtn(at)