Arrêté du 31 mai 2017 (FLW)

Updated: 08.02.2019

Name (orig)

Arrêté du 31 mai 2017 du Gouvernement wallon portant approbation du règlement général définissant les principes généraux d’octroi des crédits en fonds B2 par le Fonds du Logement des Familles nombreuses de Wallonie

Name (English)

Decree of 31 May 2017 of the Walloon Government approving the rules defining the allocation of grants by the Walloon Housing Fund for large families (FLW)

Entry into force



This decree determines the allocation conditions of the Ecopack loan for households willing to improve the energy performance of their houses.

Relevance for renewable energy

Several works involving the use of renewable energies are eligible for the loan.


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