Promotion in Austria


Updated: 28.06.2016

Author: Flora Borek

Summary of support schemes

  • Tax regulation mechanism. In Austria, petrol and diesel from a minimum content of 4.6 % resp. 6.6 % of biogenic material are subject to a lower mineral oil tax. Mineral oil solely from biogenic material and E85 are exempt from this tax.

  • Biofuels quota. To ensure that biofuels make up a defined percentage of the annual fuel sales, there is a substitution obligation in force since 2005. From 2009, the substitution target amounts to 5.75 %, measured by the total fossil petrol or diesel introduced or used in the federal territory.


The tax regulation mechanism and the biofuels quota apply to biofuels only

Statutory provisions

  • Fuel Order (Kraftstoffverordnung 1999 – Fuel Order 1999)
  • Mineral Oil Tax Act (Mineralölsteuergesetz 1995 - Mineral Oil Tax Act 1995)
  • Bioethanol Blending Order (Bioethanolgemischverordnung 2007 – Bioethanol Blending Order 2007)


Further information

  • Bundesministerium für Finanzen / Federal Ministry of Finance
  • (+43 1) 50 233 765
  • BMF website