Slovenia: Overall Summary

In Slovenia, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through a feed-in tariff (so called "guaranteed purchase") and a premium tariff (so called "operating premium"), both granted through a tender procedure.

Renewable energy sources for heating purposes are promoted mainly through loans and subsidies. The main incentive for renewable energy use in transport are tax exemptions and subsidies.

Access of electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid shall be granted with priority for RES-E installations. With regard to the use of the grid, renewable energy shall be given priority. The grid development is a matter of the grid operator and cannot be enforced directly. There is number of policies aiming at promoting the development, installation and use of RES installations.


Further information

  • Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo in okolje – inspektorat za okolje in prostor(IOP) Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment – Inspectorate for the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • +386 1 420 44 88
  • website
  • gp.irsop(at)
  • Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo (MZIP) – Ministry for Infrastructure; Direktorat za energijo – Directorate for Energy
  • +386 1 478 80 00
  • website
  • gp.mzip(at)
  • Ministrstvo za finance – Finančna Uprava Republike Slovenije – Uprava za davke - Sektor za DDV Ministry of Finance – Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia – Office for Taxes - Excise Duty Sector
  • +386 1 478 3800
  • Ministry of Finance website
  • gfu.fu(at)