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Updated: 06.02.2019

Author: Moira Jimeno

Summary of support schemes

The quota system obliges whoever feeds fuels in the national system (retail and wholesale operators) as well as consumers relying on sources other than retail and wholesale operators, to feed in or consume a certain amount of biofuels every year. This amount is established in percentage; compliance is proven to the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) through certificates. At the end of each year, obligated parties must turn in the certificates corresponding to their biofuel sale / consumption. The CNE checks compliance and collects fees for non-compliance from obligated parties. The penalty fees paid by the parties who did not reach their quota are redistributed among the parties who sold or consumed more biofuels than their set quota. These amounts are redistributed in proportion to the amount of biofuels that complying parties have sold or consumed in addition to their set quota.


Based biomass biofuels and biohydrogen

Statutory provisions

  • Orden ITC/2877/2008
  • RDL 4/2013
  • L 11/2013
  • RD 1085/2015


Further information

  • Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) - National Commission on Markets and Competition
  • +34 914 329 600
  • CNE website
  • dre(at)