Spain: Summary

Updated: 19.12.2017

Author: Moira Jimeno

Support schemes

Currently no support schemes for RES-H&C are in place in Spain.

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Spain has a national training system for installers and an obligatory certification for solar thermal panels. In addition, there are two wider frameworks, the R&D plan and the building code that include RES as an area of interest.

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Further information

  • Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness
  • +34 902 218 600
  • Ministry website
  • Ministerio de Educación - Ministry of Education
  • +34 913277681
  • Ministry website
  • Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital (Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda)
  • +34 902 44 60 06
  • Ministry website