Promotion in Slovenia


Updated: 13.02.2019

Author: Saša Rajković

Summary of support schemes

The Eco Fund provides grants for investments in the use of RES-H in one-family and multi-family houses by residents, for environmental investments and projects by legal entities and environmental investments of local communities. At the moment there are 5 public calls open covering a loan and subsidy scheme in the field of RES-H in Slovenia. Subsidies may also be competed for in tendering processes organised by state owned energy companies who publish public calls and tenders on a regular basis.


In general, all technologies are eligible. However, most public calls favour solar thermal installations, heat pumps (geothermal and aerothermal) and biomass (specifically wood biomass) plants. 

Statutory provisions

  • ZUP (Administrative Procedures Act - Zakon o splošnem upravnem postopku - Uradni List RS, št. 80/99)
  • Regulation on Support for Energy Efficiency and the Use of Renewable Energy (Pravilnik o spodbujanju učinkovite rabe energije in rabe obnovljivih virov energije - Uradni list RS, št. 89/2008)
  • Statute of The Eco Fund (Akt o ustanovitvi Eko sklada, Slovenskega okoljskega javnega sklada – Uradni list RS, št. 112/2009)
  • Terms and Conditions of the Eco Fund (Splošni pogoji poslovanja za spodbujanje razvoja na področju varstva okolja – Uradni list RS, št. 117/2005)
  • Call No. 59SUB-SOCOB17 (Javni poziv za nepovratne finančne spodbude socialno šibkim občanom za zamenjavo starih kurilnih naprav na trdna goriva z novimi kurilnimi napravami na lesno biomaso v stanovanjskih stavbah na območjih občin s sprejetim Odlokom o načrtu za kakovost zraka 36SUB-SOCOB15 - Uradni list RS, št. 66/17 - Call for applications for non-refundable financial incentives by the Eco Fund for socially weak citizens to replace old boilers using solid fuels with new combustion plants using wood biomass in residential buildings in the municipalities with an adopted Ordinance on air quality plan)
  • Call No. 54SUB-OB17 (Javni poziv za nepovratne finančne spodbude občanom za nove naložbe rabe obnovljivih virov energije in večje energijske učinkovitosti stanovanjskih stavb 54SUB-OB17 - Uradni list RS, št. 56/17, 39/18, 57/18 in 84/18 - Public Call for applications of grants by the Eco Fund for individuals for new investments in renewable energy sources and improved energy efficiency of residential buildings)
  • Call No. 56PO16 (Javni poziv za kreditiranje okoljskih naložb 56PO16 - Uradni list RS, št. 28/16 in 39/18 - Call for applications for loans granted by the Eco Fund for environmental investments)
  • Call No. 60LS17 (Javni poziv za kreditiranje okoljskih naložb lokalnih skupnosti 60LS17 - Uradni list RS, št. 75/17 - Call for applications for loans granted by the Eco Fund for environmental investments by local communities)
  • Call No. 59OB17 (Javni poziv za kreditiranje okoljskih naložb Občanov 59OB17 - Uradni list RS, št. 44/17 - Public Call for Applications for Loans for Environmental Investments by Residents 59OB17)





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