Training programmes for Installers

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Cristina Blajin

Romania has introduced specific training programmes for installers of RES installations: 

  • Installer for heat pumps (instalatori pentru pompe de caldura)
  • Installer for geothermal systems (instalatori pentru sisteme geotermale)
  • Installer for PV-installations (instalatori pentru sisteme fotovoltaice solare)
  • Installer for solar thermal installations (instalatori pentru sisteme termice solare)

These are listed in the Romanian classification of occupation (Nomenclatorul Calificarilor). The exam requirements and general provisions regarding vocational training programmes are regulated by law.


Training programmes with relevance for RES installations are addressed to persons having completed a vocational training as water and sewer installer and/or as electrician. 

Competent authority

The National Adult Training Board is responsible for implementing the training programmes.

Further information

The National Adult Training Board provides further information on different vocational training programmes:

The Romanian classification of occupation can be downloaded here: 

Distribution of costs

Private Financing

Vocational trainings have to be financed privately, by the company the participant is working at, by the budget of the unemployment insurance or by other external sources (art. 46 Decree No. 129/2000).


Further information