Promotion in Portugal


Updated: 06.02.2019

Author: Moïra Jimeno

Summary of support schemes

  • Under Efficient Buildings 2016, the FEE provided a subsidy for investments in energy efficiency measures leading to improvements in the energy performance of existing buildings, including solar thermal heating (AQS), in both residential and service sectors. The applications for Efficient Buildings 2016 opened in July 2016 and closed in November 2016. 


Solar thermal heating and other energy efficient equipment 

Statutory provisions

  • Ordinance 26/2011 (Portaria n.º 26/2011 de 10 de Janeiro – Ordinance No. 26/2011 of 10 January) on the regulation for the management of the FEE.
  • FEE Rules 02/2017 (Regulamento de Submissão de Candidaturas do Fundo de Eficiência Energética, Versão 2 de Fevereiro 2017) on the rules on the submission of applications of the FEE.


Further information