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Updated: 06.02.2019

Author: Moïra Jimeno

Ordinance 32276-A/2008 established the Fund to Support Innovation (Fundo de Apoio à inovação - FAI), which aims to promote research and projects of innovation and technological development, primarily in the field of renewable energy (art. 3 Ordinance 32276-A/2008). In 2010 it was extended to the energy efficiency sector (Ordinance 13415/2010). In order to be eligible for the FAI, the project must be related to one of the strategic areas listed in art. 13 Ordinance 32276-A/2008, e.g.: scientific and technological researches, seminars or conferences; Ph.D. or master researches as well as institutional campaigns to raise awareness with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The evaluation of renewable energy projects to be submitted to the FAI has been suspended by nº 6 of Ordinance 5727/2013. 


The FAI addresses public or private institutions that meet the requirements listed in art. 14 of Ordinance 32276-A/2008. With regards to Ph.D. and master scholarships, individuals who meet the academic requirements might apply for financial support (art. 14(4) Ordinance 32276-A/2008).

The campaign to disseminate the National Energy Strategy addresses citizens and companies.

Competent authority

The General Director for Energy and Geology is in charge of the management of the FAI through evaluating and selecting projects, making payments, monitoring and supervising projects (art. 7 and 8 Ordinance 32276-A/2008 as amended by nº 9 of Ordinance 5727/2013).

Further information

Official website of the Fund to Support Innovation (FAI): http://fai.pt/  


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