Portugal: Overall Summary

In Portugal, electricity from renewable sources from plants registered until 7 November 2012 is mainly promoted through a feed-in tariff (FiT). Since then, support to new RES plants can be provided through a general regime (i.e. Wholesale Electricity Market) or under the guaranteed remuneration system. The latter is contingent upon the capacity allocated through public tender initiative. However, tender RES rules have never been published, nor has any auction initiative been launched. Thus, since November 2012 new RES plants can only be remunerated through the wholesale electricity market. A unique remuneration regime for electricity produced from small production (UPP) and self-consumption (UPAC) units, came into force in January 2015 and is based on a bidding model in which producers offer discounts to a reference tariff. UPPs and UPACs have common regulations and certain particularities. There is currently no direct support mechanism, or fiscal benefits for RES-H in place (as of November 2018); only indirect support. In the transport sector, the main incentives are a biofuel quota system and a tax exemption to small producers of biofuels (PPDs).

Access of electricity from renewable sources to the grid shall be granted according to the principle of non-discrimination and priority shall be given to electricity produced from RES (except for hydro plants with an installed capacity exceeding 30 MW). The obligation to purchase the electricity generated from renewable sources in the period they benefit from the FiT has created favourable conditions for the deployment of RES-E in the past years. Grid operators are generally obliged to develop the grid system. However, plant operators do not have the right to demand grid expansion. 


Further information

  • Ministério da Economia, da Inovação e do Desenvolvimento. Direcção Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG) – Directorate General for Energy and Geology at the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development
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