Moldova: Summary

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Cristina Blajin

Support schemes

The support scheme for electricity produced from renewable sources is defined by the Law No. 10/2016 regarding the promotion of energy utilization from renewable sources. Although the law was first published in the official gazette of Moldova on 26th of February 2016, it only came into force on the 25 of March 2018.

According to the new law, Moldova has established three distinct support schemes depending on the size of the power plant:


  • Tenders for selecting the power plants with a capacity higher than the capacity limit defined by the Government will benefit from a fixed feed-in-tariff equivalent to the bidding price. The capacity limits for each type of technology were approved in 2018 for 2 years (until 2020) and are as follows: 4 MW for wind power plants and 1 MW for PV, CHP plants based on biomass and biogas as well as hydro power plants. Respectively, only power plants with a capacity higher than the one specified above will be eligible to participate in the tender.
  • Feed-in-tariff established by the Government for power plants with a capacity between 10 kW and the capacity limits indicated above.
  • Net-metering for installations with a capacity below 200 kW used to generate electricity for self-consumption




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Grid issues

The plant operator is legally granted non-discriminatory access to the transmission and distribution and has to pay the grid tariffs as defined by the electricity law.   

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Further information

  • ANRE – Agentia Nationala pentru Reglementare in Energetica a Republicii Moldova – Moldavian National Energy Regulatory Authority
  • +373 22 85 29 01
  • ANRE website
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