Moldova: Summary

Updated: 26.01.2017

Author: Silvia Nicola

In Moldova, the general support scheme still in place is a feed-in tariff granted on the basis of case by case approach. Nevertheless, a new law for the promotion of energy from renewable sources has been published in March 2016 (Law. No. 10), announcing tendering schemes for the determination of the future feed-in tariffs and a net-metering option for installations smaller than 100 kW. However, the provisions of the law come into force only 12 months after the law has been published. Until then, several methodologies still need to be elaborated, especially those with regard to the tendering characteristics.  

The awarded fixed tariffs are calculated case by case for every power plant according to methodology determined by the Moldavian National Energy Regulatory Authority. The plant operator is legally granted non-discriminatory access to the grid and priority regarding the dispatch of electricity during distribution as long as the national energy system is not at risk. 

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