Malta: Overall Summary

In Malta, electricity generated by PV installations is supported through a feed-in tariff. In addition, installations with a minimum capacity of 1,000 kWp are funded through a tendering scheme. Malta promotes solar water heating systems and aerothermal heat pumps for domestic use through a subsidy scheme. Electricity generated by renewable energy plants must be given priority transmission. According to regulations in place, new grid capacity is offered through a tendering procedure where required.

Support for renewable energy sources (RES) used in the transport sector is provided through a substitution obligation on importers and wholesalers of fossil fuels.

In addition, a training programme for the certification of Renewable Energy Systems installers, providers of energy services, energy auditors and energy managers as well as a Certification Programme for RES installations are in place.


Further information

  • The Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta
  • Prof. Robert Ghirlando
  • +356 2340 2361
  • UM website
  • Regulator for Energy & Water Services
  • +356 2295 5000
  • REWS website