Macedonia: Summary

The main scheme supporting renewable energy sources in Republic of Macedonia is a feed-in tariff. The public energy supplier is obliged to purchase the total quantity of electricity delivered by the preferential producer and to pay a regulated tariff for the electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

FYR Macedonia is currently taking further steps to market-based support for RES: The government plans to adopt the implementing regulations to define procedures for awarding premiums and to prepare the tendering documentation and the standardized premium agreement until the end of 2018.

The electricity transmission or distribution system operators shall provide priority access to renewable energy plants, provided that they meet the conditions for connection. 


Further information

  • Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia (ERC) – Регулаторна комисиja за енергетика на Република Македониja
  • +389 23233580
  • Commission website
  • erc(at)
  • Ministry of Economy - Unit for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Министерство за економиja на Република Македониja - Секторот за енергетика
  • Violeta Keckarovska
  • +389 2 3093 531
  • Ministry website
  • info(at)