Latvia: Overall Summary

Updated: 21.11.2017

Author: Ilze Upatniece

In Latvia, renewable electricity generation is stimulated through a complex support system based on a feed-in tariff, which also includes elements of a quota system and tenders. The existing feed-tariff is on hold until 01.01.2020 due to concerns about corruption and a lack of transparency in the way it was carried out since 2007. The existing state support mechanisms for energy production from renewable energy resources are being assessed and revised. Stringent supervision of subsidized electricity producers, stricter controls and a limited timeframe for the implementation of RES projects has been introduced. At the same time, a new tax for subsidized electricity producers was introduced in January 2014. The tax should be paid by companies receiving financial support for power generation from renewable energy sources or from combined heat and power plants. Since 1 January 2014 RES-E is promoted also through net-metering. According to Energy Development Guidelines 2016-2020 new national support mechanism for electricity production from RES should be developed until 2018. Heating and cooling from renewable energy sources is promoted through different tax benefits. Also the only incentive currently available for renewable energy sources in the transport sector is a tax regulation mechanism.

Access of renewable energy plants to the grid is subject to the general legislation on energy. Electricity from renewable sources is not given priority. Also devices for heat production from renewable energy sources are not given priority connection, and there is no special legislation promoting the connection of RES heating devices to the heat transmission network at the national level. There are regulations at the regional level that establish rules for and promote high energy performance and competition in the heat supply market.

There are two policies promoting the installation and use of RES installations.

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Further information

  • Sabiedrisko pakalpojumu regulēšanas komisija (SPRK) – Public Utilities Commission (PUC), regulatory authority
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