Italy: Summary

Updated: 28.11.2017

Author: Dr. Moïra Jimeno

Support schemes

In Italy, electricity generated from renewable energy sources is promoted through a number of feed-in and premium tariffs as well as a tendering system. Depending on the source and the size, RES-E plant operators may be obliged to opt for a certain system or may choose between the available ones. Electricity may be sold on the free market or through “ritiro dedicato” (purchase by Gestore dei Servizi Elettrici at a guaranteed price). Under certain conditions, electricity producers can make use of "scambio sul posto" (net-metering).

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Grid issues

In Italy, grid operators are obliged to give priority access to renewable energy plants in the operation of their grids. They are also obliged to give priority dispatch to electricity from renewable sources. Plant operators may request their grid operator to expand the grid if the connection of a plant requires this expansion.

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In Italy, training programmes are developed at regional level. Certification of installed plants is obligatory. All new or refurbished buildings must integrate RES, with an additional 10 % to the obligation level for public buildings. A guarantee fund is in place for supporting district heating network development. In addition, a loan can also be used for supporting investment in district heating infrastructure.

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