Exemplary role of public authorities in accordance with Art. 13 No. 5 RES Directive (Public Sector Programme)

Updated: 08.01.2019

Author: Georgios Maroulis

In Ireland, the public sector has a target of 33% in energy saving by 2020. Public bodies are required to achieve energy savings (S.I. 542/2009) and purchase efficient products and vehicles (S.I. 151/2011) that are listed in the Triple E Product Register (e.g. solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic installations, electric vehicles, and so on). In addition, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and the Department of Education and Skills developed a website to support schools improving their energy use. Apart from that, public bodies shall fulfil their exemplary role in accordance with requirements published by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and including the maintenance and construction of energy efficient buildings, their energy management practices, energy efficient procurement, the use of energy audits, the use of financial instruments for energy savings, the use of energy services and other cost effective actions relevant to these Regulations (S.I. 426/2014). The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland shall, with the approval of the Minister, publish an annual report on energy management and performance in the public sector, while a public body shall publish an annual statement describing the actions it is taking, or has taken, to improve its energy efficiency and an assessment of the energy savings arising from those actions (S.I. 426/2014). A public body with individual buildings with a total useful floor area of more than 500m2 or an annual energy spend of more than €35,000 shall carry out an energy audit prior to 5 December 2015 and the next energy audit must take place within 4 years after the previous one (S.I. 426/2014). In addition, a public body shall not, from 1 January 2015, purchase or lease a building, or a portion of a building, for its own use, unless that building has a Building Energy Rating (BER) equal to or better than A3 (S.I. 426/2014). The Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland shall also establish and make publicly available an inventory of heated and cooled central government buildings with a total useful floor area over 500 m2 and, as of 9 July 2015, over 250 m2 (S.I. 426/2014).


The Public Sector Programme addresses public bodies defined in regulation 10 of S.I. 542/2009 and regulation 4 of S.I. 426/2014. 

Competent authority

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

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