Hungary: Summary

Updated: 18.12.2017

Author: Flora Borek

Support schemes

In general, support for the use of renewable energy sources for generating heat is currently provided by subsi-dy programmes under the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operative Programme (EEEOP) (‘Környezet és Energiahatékonysági Operatív Program’ – KEHOP) and other operative programmes financed through European Union funds in conjunction with funds provided by the Hungarian government. Furthermore, favourable loans are granted within the Economic Development Innovation Operative Programme (EDIOP) (‘Gazdaságfejlesztési és Innovációs Operativ Program’ - GINOP).

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The following policies aim at promoting the installation, usage and distribution of RES-installations in Hungary. There are vocational trainings with some and limited relevance for RES-installations. Furthermore, there is a recommendation in place for considering the use of renewable energy sources in new buildings. This recom-mendation will turn into an obligation for all buildings ready to move in after 31 December 2020 according to standards set by the Government. Finally, there is a programme in place on the exemplary role of central gov-ernment agencies and applies to projects which aim at increasing the energy efficiency of public buildings and which foster the use of renewable energy sources. Policies on certification programmes for RES installation and on the support of RES-H infrastructure are mainly provided in the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operation-al Programme and the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme. 

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Further information

  • Magyar Energetikai és Közműszabályozási Hivatal (MEKH) - Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA)
  • +36 459 7777
  • MEKH website
  • mekh(at)
  • Építésügyi Minöségellenörzö Innovációs Nonprofit KFT. (ÉMI) – Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building
  • +36 1 372 6100
  • ÉMI website
  • info(at)