Decree No. 63/2016. (XII. 28.)

Updated: 07.01.2019

Name (orig)

Finanszírozási Rendelet

Name (English)

63/2016. (XII. 28.) Decree of the Ministry of National Develop-ment (MND) on the method of regulation of the evaluation of obligatory financial support for the maintenance of electricity generated from renewable energy sources or from waste and payment modalities, replac-ing Decree No. 1/2016 (I. 27.) from April 2016.

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63/2016. (XII. 28.) NFM rendelet a megújuló energiaforrásokból nyert energiával termelt vil-lamos energia müködési támogatásának finanszírozásához szükséges pénzeszköz mé-rtékének megállapítási módjára és megfizetésére vonatkozó részletes szabályokról

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The decree establishes a framework for the evaluation of the modalities which determine the extent of financial means promoting the generation of electricity from renewable en-ergy sources and waste. The decree describes the mandatory tasks of the plant operators as well as the electricity traders in order to assess the amount of the feed-in tariff and the feed-in premium which is made up of the market reference price and the so-called administrative premium. The financing modali-ties of the feed-in tariff and the feed-in premium are the same.

Relevance for renewable energy

The decree determines financ-ing modalities for the feed-in tariff and the newly introduced premium tariff for renewable electricity.


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