Estonia: Summary

Updated: 05.12.2017

Author: Gert Siniloo

Support schemes

In the Republic of Estonia, renewable energy is promoted mainly through a premium tariff. In addition, investments supports are available for certain types of renewable energy production technologies. 

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Grid issues

In Estonia, access of renewable energy plants to the grid is subject to the general legislation on energy. Electricity from renewable sources is not given priority. Thus, plant operators are entitled against the grid operator to the connection of their plants to the grid and the transmission of electricity according to non-discriminatory criteria. Furthermore, the grid operator is obliged to upgrade his grid if the upgrade is necessary to connect a plant to the grid. The costs of such an upgrade shall be borne by the operator of the plant in question.

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In Estonia, the development of specific regulatory measures concerning renewable energies is ongoing. Certification system for people working with RES installations has been put to place. However, where no nationwide regulation exists, incentives are created on the local level through available investment supports and loans.  

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Further information

  • Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium (MKM) – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Siim Meeliste
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  • MKM website
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  • Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus (KIK) – Environmental Investment Centre
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