Cyprus: Overall Summary

Updated: 25.01.2017

Author: Georgios Maroulis

In Cyprus, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through subsidy combined with a net metering scheme. Access of electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid shall be granted according to the principle of non-discrimination. With regard to the use of the grid renewable energy shall be given priority. Grid development is a matter of central planning (Transmission Grid Development Plan 2007-2016 by the Cypriot TSO). In addition, renewable heating and cooling (RES H&C) is promoted by two different support schemes offering subsidies to enterprises and households respectively.

There is number of policies aiming at promoting the development, installation and use of RES installations as well as specific RES H&C obligations.

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Further information

  • Διαχειριστής Συστήματος Μεταφοράς Κύπρου (ΔΣΜ) DSM-TSO – Transmission system operator
  • +357 226 116 22
  • DSM website
  • info(at)
  • Ρυθμιστική Αρχή Ενέργειας Κύπρου (ΡΑΕΚ) – Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA)
  • +357 22666363
  • CERA website
  • info(at)
  • Υπουργείο Εμπορίου, Βιομηχανίας και Τουρισμού – Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MCIT)
  • MCIT website