Bulgaria: Summary

Updated: 01.10.2017

Author: Ivana Naydenova

Support schemes

In Bulgaria, the use of renewable energy for heating and cooling is promoted through a grant from the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund and through an exemption for building owners from property tax.

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The following policies aim at promoting the development, installation and usage of RES-installations in Bulgaria: There is a professional training programme for RES-installers as wells as a building obligation for the use of renewable heating and for the exemplary role of public authorities.

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Further information

  • Министерство на образованието, младежта и науката – Ministry of Education and Youth
  • +359 2 873 50 21
  • MinEdu website
  • helpdesk(at)mon.bg
  • Фонд “Енергийна ефективност” – Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund (BGEEF)
  • +359 2 81 000 80
  • BGEEF website
  • info(at)bgeef.com
  • Държавната агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор (ДАМТН) – State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS)
  • +359 2 980 89 20
  • SAMTS website
  • damtn(at)damtn.government.bg