Promotion in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Updated: 27.12.2018

Author: Ivana Naydenova

Summary of support schemes

The RES Operator (Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina) and the Support Scheme Operator (Republic of Srpska) are statutorily obliged to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources at an incentive price.


In general all technologies for the power production from renewable energies are eligible.

Statutory provisions

  • Electricity Law FBiH
  • Energy Law RS
  • Electricity Law RS
  • RES Law FBiH
  • RES Law RS
  • RES Decree FBiH
  • RES Promotion Rulebook
  • Qualified Producer Rulebook
  • Guaranteed Price Methodology
  • Guaranteed Price Decision
  • Reference Price Methodology
  • Reference Price Decision
  • RES Operator Decision
  • RES Micro-Plants Rulebook
  • Support Scheme Operation Rules
  • Tariff Amount Decision
  • Incentive Fee Amount Decision 2019

Bosnia and Herzegovina