Grid issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Updated: 27.12.2018

Author: Ivana Naydenova

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

All operators of plants from renewable energy sources are entitled to connection, if they meet all the requirements set out in the general grid issue related provisions. The system user mainly needs to receive the Connection Conditions (“uvjeti za priklučak“) of the TSO or the Electroenergetic Consent of the DSO in order to conclude a Connection Contract thereupon.

Statutory provisions

  • Electricity Law FBiH
  • Electricity Law RS
  • Transmission Grid Connection Rulebook
  • Transmission Grid Code
  • Distribution Grid Connection Rulebooks
  • Distribution Grid Codes
  • General Electricity Supply Conditions
  • RES Law FBiH
  • RES Law RS
  • RES Decree FBiH
  • Connection Fee Rulebook
  • RES Micro-plants Rulebook

Bosnia and Herzegovina