Wallonia: Training programmes for Installers (Qualiwall)

Updated: 08.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

The certification scheme “Qualiwall” allows installers of renewable energy systems as well as professionals of the energy efficiency sector to be certified by the Walloon region. The certification is granted by an accredited inspection body and has a validity of 5 years (Art. 4-5, Arrêté du 27 juin 2013). The granting of a certification is subject to several requirements, including the obligation to follow a training programme followed by a final test (Art. 5, Arrêté du 27 juin 2013).

Under certain conditions, the costs of the training programmes can be borne through “training cheques” (chèques-formation de la region Wallonne) both by the Walloon region and by the installation company (for further information please refer to www.be.sodexo.com). The “training cheques” are intended for SMEs with maximum 250 workers (full time equivalent) as well as for self-employed workers wishing to increase the effectiveness of their staff. Installers of photovoltaic installations can follow a training programme in one of the 4 training centres accredited by the Walloon Region, namely:

  • FOREM Mons
  • Centre ZAWM Eupen VoG

Moreover, the Walloon region has introduced a new quality label for installers of renewable energy devices called “NRQual”. The labelling organisation “Quest for Quality” delivers certificates for installers of heat pumps as well as of photovoltaic and solar thermal installations. The allocation of the “NRQual” label is conditioned to the fulfillment of the conditions for the granting of the Qualiwatt support. However, no training program is required.


The Qualiwall certification may be granted to installers of renewable energy systems, including (Art. 3, Arrêté du 27 juin 2013):

  • PV installations
  • solar heating installations for domestic hot water production;
  • combined solar thermal installations for domestic heating and hot water production  
  • biomass installations with wood stove;
  • biomass installations for central heating;
  • heat pumps, 
  • shallow geothermal installations;

Each natural person can submit an application for the granting of the Qualiwall certificate, provided he meets the conditions as determined in article 3 of the decree of 27 June 2013. 

The “NRQual” quality label is addressed to installers of heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

Competent authority

The competent authorities are the Walloon Ministry of Energy and the Walloon Ministry of Professional Development (Art. 4, Arrêté du 27 juin 2013). Accredited inspection bodies designated by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Professional Development grant the certificates (Art. 8-9, Arrêté du 27 juin 2013). The organisation “RESCert” is in charge of managing the applications for certification for all three regions.

As far as the “NRQual” quality label for installers is concerned, the labelling organisation “Quest for Quality” is in charge of granting the labels.

Further information

Distribution of costs


The Walloon region finances €15 per hour and per training programme.

Private Financing

The rest of the costs are borne by the installation company.


Further information

  • Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) Direction Générale opérationnelle de l'Energie (DGO4) – Public Service of the Walloon region – Directorate General for Energy (DG04)
  • + 32 81 48 63 11
  • SPW website

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