Wallonia: RES-H building obligations (Performance énergétique des bâtiments)

Updated: 08.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

The Walloon legislation “EPB-Energetic Performance of Buildings” (PEB- Performance énergétique des bâtiments) implements the requirements of the European directive 2002/91/CE regarding the promotion of buildings’ energy performance. 

Obligated entities

Article 9 of Décret du 28 November 2013 sets out which entities are subjected to follow the requirements of the “Energy Performance of Buildings”, this includes all new buildings, buildings undergoing minor or major renovations, buildings which destination has changed and buildings of which the systems have been replaced or modernised during renovation. 

Competent authority

The competent authority is the Department of Energy and Sustainable Building (DG04) of the Public Service of Wallonia.

Further information


Further information

  • Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) Direction Générale opérationnelle de l'Energie (DGO4) – Public Service of the Walloon region – Directorate General for Energy (DG04)
  • + 32 81 48 63 11
  • SPW website

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