Flanders: Training programmes for installers

Updated: 08.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

According to Art. 10.1.1. & 2. Energy Decree, the Flemish government determines the legal framework for education and certification of installers. The recognition of training centres, energy experts and quality requirements and standards are determined by the Flemish government (Art. 10.1.5. Energy Decree). A voluntary certification regime for installers (certificaat van bekwaamheid) has been introduced concerning the following technologies:

  • photovoltaic installations
  • solar thermal installations for sanitary hot water
  • solar thermal installations for the combined production of sanitary hot water and heating
  • biomass stove for decentralised heating
  • biomass boiler for the production of sanitary hot water or heating;
  • heat pumps, except for shallow geothermal installations
  • heat recovery by shallow geothermal installations 

The training is organised in existing training centres, which are recognised by the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). According to VEA, certificates are recognised on an individual basis after having passed a specific training (32 hours plus exam). The certificates are valid for a period of 7 years. A certificate of competency is awarded if the installer has passed the exam successfully. 


Private individuals without obligation for prior qualification.

Competent authority

The Flemish region is in charge and its subsequent training institutions.

Further information

According to the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA), the content and certification procedures are still under discussion.  A harmonised training system at the federal level is envisaged.

Distribution of costs


The Flemish region finances the development and content of the certification program. 


Further information

  • Vlaamse Energieagentschap (VEA) – Flemish Energy Agency
  • +32 2 553 1700
  • VEA website

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