Promotion in Austria


Updated: 18.12.2018

Author: Tim Sternkopf

Summary of support schemes

Tax regulation mechanism. In Austria, petrol and diesel from a minimum content of 4.6% resp. 6.6% of biogenic material are subject to a lower mineral oil tax. Mineral oil solely from biogenic material and E85 are exempt from this tax.

Biofuels quota. To ensure that biofuels make up a defined percentage of the annual fuel sales, there is a substitution obligation in force since 2005. From 2009, the substitution target amounts to 5.75%, measured by the total fossil petrol or diesel introduced or used in the federal territory.

Klimaaktiv mobil. The investment promotion programme supports the deployment of environmental friendly vehicles, electric mobility and renewable energies, cycling and mobility management. However, the main focus of the programme is the support of electric vehicles and the development of the respective infrastructure. Projects are financed from the national environmental promotion programme (Umweltförderung im Inland) and the Climate and Energy Funds. Current promotional offers on a national level are available on the clearing agency’s (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting) website.


The tax regulation mechanism and the biofuels quota apply to biofuels only. Within the ‘klimaaktiv mobil’, mainly the conversion of bus and cabtaxi fleets to biofuel or biomethane driven systems is supported. 

Statutory provisions

  •  Fuel Order (Kraftstoffverordnung 2012 – Fuel Order 2012)
  •  Mineral Oil Tax Act (Mineralölsteuergesetz 1995 - Mineral Oil Tax Act 1995)
  •  Bioethanol Blending Order (Bioethanolgemischverordnung 2007 – Bioethanol Blending Order 2007)
  •  UFG (Umweltförderungsgesetz - Environmental Aid Act)
  •  Sustainability Regulation 2014 (BGBl. Nr. 157/2014) - Nachhaltigkeitsverordnung (BGBl. Nr. 157/2014)
  •  Ordinance on raw materials 2010 (Landwirtschaftliche Ausgangsstoffe für Biokraftstoffe und flüssige Biobrennstoffe - Ordinance on agricultural raw materials for solid and liquid biofuels)
  •  Guidelines 2015 (Förderungsrichtlinien 2015 für die Umweltförderung im Inland - Funding Guidelines 2015 for the Environmental Assistance in Austria)





Further information

  • Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF)
  • +43 1 51433-0
  • BMF website