Austria: Summary

Updated: 18.12.2018

Author: Tim Sternkopf

Support schemes

In Austria, electricity from renewable sources is supported mainly through a feed-in tariff (FiT) which is differentiated depending on the technology used. The overall support payments for the FiT are redefined annually through a decreasing promotional volume. Furthermore, the construction of small (<10 MW) and medium-sized (<15 MW) hydro-electric power stations is supported by investment grants and small PV installations (<5 kW) through subsidies. Basically, the feed-in tariff and subsidies are mutually exclusive with some exceptions.

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Grid issues

In Austria, electricity from renewable sources is granted access to the grid according to the general legislation on energy and according to non-discriminatory principles. Only the use of the grid by electricity from renewable energy sources is subject to a specific order. When grid capacity is insufficient, grid operators are obliged to give priority transmission to electricity from renewable sources.

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The following policies aim at promoting the development, installation and usage of RES-installations in Austria: There are four specialisation programmes for RES-installers, numerous quality standards for RES installations, an agreement determining the exemplary role of public authorities and a building obligation for the use of renewable heating.

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